Lake County Railroad

On January 1 of 1910, the first train entered Lakeview, Oregon on the narrow-guage Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad (N-C-O).  Lakeview was then the northern terminus of that railroad, which started out in Reno, Nevada.  The N-C-O was purchased by Southern Pacific in 1925 and was subsequently relaid to standard gauge. The last Southern Pacific train to Lakeview ran on January 17, 1986.  Southern Pacific filed to abandon the branch, but Lake County was able to save it.  They found an operator for it in the Great Western Railroad of Colorado.  Lake County itself assumed operation of the line in December 1996, purchasing one of the GW locomotives.  In late 2006, the county worked out a deal with Modoc Northern Railroad to take over the line.  Due to various problems, Lake County terminated their relationship with MNRR in 2009 and sought a new operator for the railroad.  They contracted with Frontier Rail, who now (2010) operates the line as the Lake Railway.

The first four photos below were taken in Lakeview during the Lake County's ownership and operation of the line.  Approximate Coordinates: N42 11.174 W120 21.392

Lake County Railroad's 700 sitting idle during the early days of Modoc Northern operation.

LCRR's version of a Big Hook, and an old ballast car in Lakeview

The GWR caboose rusting away during the Modoc Northern era

LCR's 1761 (former San Joaquin Valley RR 1761 nee Kyle 101) above in Lakeview, below in Tulelake and then later in Klamath Falls on UP rails being shipped to new owner after being sold in 2008.

Approx. Coords: N41 57.442 W121 28.518

Approximate Coordinates: N42 13.281 W121 46.276

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