Very few times have I actually seen anything running on the Albany & Eastern.  In fact, I don't have any photos of anything actually running on the railroad, but here's what I DO have... which of course is not to say that there is never anything running on the AERC; merely that my visits to the line have been limited and short.

As usual, clicking on a small image will produce a larger one for your perusal.

Hulk of an ALCO PA in Lebanon, Oregon

A visit to Lebanon, Oregon in November of 2008 netted some shots of the hulk of an old ALCO PA1.  This unit has a long history. 

Originally owned by AT&SF, sold to Delaware & Hudson Railroad, upgraded to a PA4 in 1975 by Morris-Knudsen of Boise and returned to D&H, she may have spent her last useful years in Mexico.  She apparently was then purchased by an interested party with a possible plan of being restored in shell only in its original Santa Fe livery for display at the Smithsonian Musum. 

(Info source: Yahoo! Northwest Railfan Group; thank you to Roger and Bill.)

Location: Lebanon, Oregon
Approximate Coordinates: N44 32.505 W122 54.633

Hulk of an ALCO PA in Lebanon, Oregon

Hulk of an ALCO PA in Lebanon, Oregon

Hulk of an ALCO PA in Lebanon, Oregon
Lebanon, Oregon train depot The old Southern Pacific Depot in Lebanon was built in 1908 and renovated in the early 2000's and is now occupied by the City of Lebanon's Council Chambers and their Community Center.

Location:Lebanon, Oregon
Approximate Coordinates: N44 32.453 W122 54.604

AERC's GP9 #1750

In Lyons, Oregon on the Mill City branch on September 6, 2009, AERC's GP9 #1750 sat at rest with ballast cars.

Location: Lyons, Oregon
Approximate Coordinates:
N44 46.399 W122 36.770

AERC's GP9 #1750


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