Klamath Northern Railway

The Klamath Northern is a small railroad in northern Klamath County, Oregon.  It stretches 10.6 miles from a connection with the Union Pacific (former Southern Pacific) at Gilchrist Junction to the International Forest Products mill on the northern edge of the small town of Gilchrist.  The railroad is owned by International Forest Products (Interfor), and operates on an as-needed basis.

I explored the line from the town of Crescent (just south of Gilchrist) to Gilchrist Junction on October 1, 2006.  Unfortunately no train was in operation at the time, but a string of cars on the line's only siding (MP7) and a handful of cars awaiting movement in the small interchange yard at Gilchrist Junction attested that the line is still in operation. (When I say "only siding" I mean it's the only one between Crescent and Gilchrist Jct.)

Frankly, I was impressed by the physicial appearance of the right of way.  I hadn't expected the track to look as well-maintained as it appears to be.  The last few miles at the south end of the line sports rail of very lightweight proportion, and uses six-bolt fishplates that to my eye look oddly out of place on such light trackage.

Hopefully I will get a chance to get up there again some day when a train is running. I'd love to have some shots of their unique diesels in action. Photos of KNOR's power are a bit hard to come by, even with the Internet.  The only photo I have of a KNOR locomotive is this one, a small Baldwin switcher, which I took at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, California.

Photo # knrr

And now, on with the show.  We'll begin our tour at Crescent Junction and head south on (what I believe to be) public roads that parallel the line. 

"Craig, do you want a few KNOR shots for your website? - greg - "

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