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Salute to the Modoc Northern Railroad

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On November 1, 2005, operation of the Klamath Falls, Oregon -to- Alturas, California segment, the last remaining part of the Southern Pacific's Modoc line, transfered to the new Modoc Northern Railroad under a five year lease option with Union Pacific. 

Although the name "Modoc Northern Railroad" is in itself historic, it was never actually used for an operational railroad until this time.

In late 2006, Lake County (Oregon) commissioners requested Modoc Northern Railroad assume the management and operation of the Lake County Railroad, which runs from Lakeview Oregon to Alturas, California.

For almost four years the railroad brought new life to the old Modoc line, investing untold man-hours in rejuvenating historically poorly-maintained track on the Lake County branch and trying to rebuild traffic in the entire Lake County-Alturas-Klamath Falls corridor.

Sadly, the Modoc Northern is now a "fallen flag."

On May 5, 2009, Union Pacific terminated the MNRR's contract and took back over the operation of the Modoc Line from Klamath Falls to Alturas.  Lake County also soon terminated their lease and a new operator has been retained; Frontier Rail is now operating the Lake County line from Lakeview to Alturas, and the UP line as far as Perez, CA, as the Lake Railway. 


Beginning at the end: December 19, 2014. Thanks to an email I received this afternoon from David Anzur, I learned that the 651 was shown in KFalls at 0700 this morning, awaiting transportation to their new owner (rumor has it it's Western Rail - WRIX - in Spokane). I got the email at 1630 and shot down to the yard as quick as I could. Unfortunately, lighting wasn't good at all and all I had was my lousy smartphone for a camera, so the shots are quite disappointing to me but sometimes I gotta be thankful for even getting a picture at all! They still look good, albeit both are missing their horns.

MNRR SD9s at Klamath Falls on their way to their new homes.

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Official Ribbon Cutting and "Inaugural" Train

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2005, the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Modoc Northern Railroad at the wye at Texum, a mile south of Union Pacific's Klamath Falls yard.  The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, principals of the railroad, representatives of local government, customers and potential customers of the railroad as well as local news media. 

The "inaugural" train consisted of Modoc Northern Railroad's General Electric B30-7 #7780 and B23-7 #1011, caboose #01480 (all resplendent in a new green, yellow and brown paint job), two borrowed passenger coaches and Union Pacific's C40-8 #9212.  It arrived on the north leg of the wye after coming from UP's Klamath Falls yard and paused short of the Tingley Lane grade crossing to pose for pictures and stand by for the ribbon cutting. 

Although the railroad had been in operation for several days with borrowed UP power, this marked the first trip that the Modoc Northern's locomotives were to make on the their new home rails.

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After the ribbon was cut, the train eased across Tingley lane and stopped clear of the crossing to board the guests.


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