What's New? Latest Updates!

Update on 12/5/17

Yes, it's been awhile since I've had an update.  But I've just added a Magnetic Wigwag Flagman for sale in the Classified Ads section.  This is a nice unit, works perfectly, located in southern California but the seller will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Click here to see this wigwag.

Update on 5/14/17

I've gone through and updated the films and videos on the Railroad Films page to reflect changes in the Internet Archives website and get rid of the need for Flash. Kind of had to do that, since the old format of the pages stopped working probably two years ago.

Update on 4/13/17

Although I received this very nice email from Roger Bailey on April 2nd sharing some of his great memories of working on the OC&E Woods line, time got away from me with all the other day-to-day stuff (as it often does) and I just got around to posting his memories on April 13. Sorry, Roger, for the delay. Read about his memories on the visitors' comments page!

Update on 10/28/15

Received an email from Kevin Wendler about the Sumpter Valley Railroad in Oregon, you can read it on the visitors' comments page!

Update on 8/10/15

Added comments from a visitor, Bob Hurlbert, to the visitors' comments page. He would like to hear from others who were depot operators!

Update on 6/1/15

My goodness, time sure flies between updates. Added a new page showing an interesting rail-related find on an old USGS topo map.

Update on 12/12/14

Received a nice email from Bob Beard, with memories of working the Fallbrook branch of the Santa Fe in the early sixties. It's posted on my visitors' comments page!

Update on 7/20/2014

Wow. Time sure flies. I'm in the process of putting together video slideshows of many - most, perhaps - of my photos. The slideshow videos will start appearing on the main page for each of the railroads I've taken pictures of ... started with the Southern Pacific yesterday.

Update on 4/2/13

Posted an email inquiry from Molly Sebastian with Zodiak Media on the home page regarding a development project focused on Modern Day Hoboes/Train Riders.

Update on 3/16/13

Posted a question I'd been emailed on the Visitor's Comments page asking about the current operation schedule on the (former) Modoc Northern.  Also updated the opening paragraphs to the Modoc Northern pages.

Update on 3/5/13

Posted an email I'd received from George, on my Visitors' Comments page, regarding the former Modoc Northern 1011 being spotted in Albany, Oregon.

Update on 2/3/13

Spotted the former Modoc Northern 1011 in the Union Pacific yard in Klamath Falls and took three pictures. You can see them here.

Update on 8/2/12

Added a new link to the Sites of Interest page.

Update on 4/27/12

Kat Baston from Pinewood Elementary School sent along a nice email and suggestion from some of the girls in her Social Studies class about a resource page on the history of the Transcontinental Railroad. 

I've added her email to the Sites of Interest page.

Update on 4/22/12

Moved site to a new hosting server!

Update on 2/6/12

Removed my Over The Horizon-Backscatter (OTH-B) Tulelake Recieve facility pages. (It wasn't a matter of National Security.)

Update on 1/19/12

Added a new comment to the Visitors' Comments page

Update on 11/08/11

Added a set of railroad signals for sale to the Railroad-Related Items for Sale page.

Update on 9/14/11

Started a cosmetic upgrade of many of the main pages on the site, mainly consisting of changing the masthead and page widths.

Update on 7/10/11

Added a new visitor's comment to the Visitors' Comments page.

Update on 2/19/11

Added the 1940 movie, "The Passenger Train" on the Railroad Films page.

Update on 1/25/11

Added links to the PoathArchives on the Other Resources page and on the Railroad Films page.

Update on 1/22/11

Added a few new titles to the Railroad Films page.

Update on 1/15/11

Update on 1/6/11

Added an email I received on my Items For Sale page, regarding a 1944 Union Pacific caboose that will be offered for sale by a private party.

Update on 12/23/10

Added a new email to my Visitor's Comments page from Leroy Layton, whose late father was an engineer on the NCO railroad in the early 1930's.

Updates on 10/26/10

Added some pics of the Salem Amtrak station to the Southern Pacific Lines: Depots in California and Oregon pages (looks like I need to start an Amtrak station page).

Updates on 10/13/10

Added a link to the Yreka Western's Blue Goose facebook page on the Yreka Western page. Also added a new comment about riding on the OC&E roadbed south of Silver Lake (not part of the state OC&E trail system) with video links to my Visitors' Comments page.

Updates on 9/28/10

Posted a new comment on the Comments page.

Updates on 9/16/10

Posted a new comment on the Comments page and a new link on the Sites of Interest page.

Updates on 6/22/10

Posted a new comment on the Comments page.

Updates on 2/16/10

Posted a new link on my Other Sites of Interest page about some "Guerilla Hobos"

Updates on 2/6/10

Updates on 1/24/10

  • Completed the updates on the Modoc Northern pages, including adding new photos of the SD9 twins and the last days of the MNRR.
  • Also added a never-before-published narrative and photos of a day I spent with a Modoc Northern crew on a run from Tulelake to Klamath Falls and return.
  • Added a new link on the Other Resources page to a new railroad memorabilia and collectibles auction web site.

Updates on 1/23/10

  • Added a new page for pics of Lake Railway (a division of Frontier Rail).  I haven't had opportunity to get out in the field and take many of this new arrival, but they are now operating a portion of the Modoc line which Union Pacific had formerly leased to the now-defunct Modoc Northern Railroad.  Lake Railway interchanges with UP at Perez, California, and serves Alturas, CA and Lakeview, Oregon.
  • Updated my Lake County Railroad page with coordinates and some new (well, old, but never published) photos of LCR 1761.
  • Updated my McCloud Railway page.
  • Working on getting the Modoc Northern pages updated... there are pretty near 300 pages in the Modoc Northern section.

Updates on 1/20/10

Added GPS coordinates where possible to remaining depot pages.

Updates on 1/5/10

As I am revising these pages, I am also adding approximate GPS coordinates where possible.  These coordinates are taken from Garmin Mapquest software and represent where the photo was taken.  This may either be the subject's location or the camera's location.  Newer images (taken after 2005) show coordinates taken from my GPS; older photo coordinates reflect my nearest probable best guess as taken from the Mapquest maps.  If I really can't remember where a photo was taken, I've marked the coordinates as "unknown."

Today I have added two CORP pics to the Abandoned Railroad Subjects pages and have revised and updated the image displays on the following pages:

Updates on 1/4/10

Added a new page with a few photographs taken on the Albany & Eastern Railroad and another page with a few photographs taken of the Oregon Coast Historical Railway's museum in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Revised and updated the image displays on the following pages:

Update on 1/2/10

Revised and updated the image display on my Amtrak pages; added several new images.

Update on 12/4/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.  Rubber Chicken is looking for any info on videos of the OC&E / Woods Line - can anyone help him?

Update on 10/1/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 9/14/09

Added a few new videos to the Railroad Films page and replaced small players with larger versions where possible.  On the larger ones you can now select full screen viewing.

Update on 9/8/09

Added a thank you letter from Dale McAnally of the South County Garden Railroaders to the Feedback Page.  There is also an offer there for the video that was produced in conjunction with their recent food drive and garden railway tour.

Update on 7/21/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page. Also added a PayPal donation button to the home page -- just in case anyone feels led to donate to the cause.  Donations are NOT tax deductible, but will help offset the costs associated with my going out and taking photos for everyone to be able to enjoy as well as the hosting of the website.  Don't feel obligated to donate-- it's just there if you want to!

Update on 7/10/09

Returned the Abandoned Railroad Photos, American Freedom Train, and Amtrak to thumbnail galleries with annotation, including adding location and approximate coordinates when possible of where the photos were taken.  This is a continuation of my project of getting away from the unsatisfactory Flash slide show galleries.... whenever I have the time to do it!

Also repaired some broken image links on the Southern Pacific's Late, Great, Modoc Line pages.

Update on 7/8/09

Added a new email I received from a viewer, Keith Johns, to the Feedback Page.  Keith lives in San Diego and would like to find friends who share his love for trains and would enjoy going railfanning with him. With his permission, I've posted his email address with his comments.  I've sent him a few links to YouTube videos of Gyralights in operation; if anyone else knows of some of the resources he inquires about in his comments, he would welcome them.

Also added a few thumbnail pics to the home page just to liven it up a bit.

Update on 5/31/09

Have changed most all my Modoc Northern pages back to their original format and have added some pics that hadn't been published before.  Also have added clickable locations on the Modoc Northern map to take you to a smattering of pictures taken in those areas, as well as a milepost chart showing milepost locations and links to photos taken in those locations.  Enjoy!

Update on 5/25/09

Memorial Day at the coast!  Checking in at Coquille confirms that there has been no rail traffic here for a very long time - since the CORP quit service on the Coos Bay branch.

Update on 5/23/09

I've been getting some emails saying that some of my old pic links are broken.  This is true - when I revised the website last year some of the images ended up being deleted (they are still here, but now are in Flash slideshows).  Thus, some of the links people had on different websites to pics on my site ended up broken.

To tell the truth, I am personally not satisfied with the slide show model.  The main pics are too small, and there is no room for text and commentary, and the whole slide show must be recreated when new images are added.  So, I will be going through another revision of the website, going back to the thumbnail and larger image model, as soon as time allows.  As I've indicated before, my clients' websites have priority on my time, so this will take awhile.

In the meantime, I am going to be posting a special page introducing my daughter, Michelle Andersen.  Although she doesn't sing railroady songs, I am sure you will like her vocals.  As soon as I figure out how to embed them from her MySpace Karaoke page.  In the meantime, you can hear her by clicking this link to her profile.

Removed Job Openings for Modoc Northern Railroad from the Employment page.

Update on 4/30/09

Added a couple of public domain films to the Railroad Films section:  "Sundown Limited" featuring Our Gang, and "The General."  This 1927 black and white silent film is a classic, with lots of Civil War steam engine action.

Update on 4/21/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 4/10/09

Added a new link to a fantastic website on the Other Resources Page.

Update on 4/2/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 3/31/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 3/15/09

Added a new section to the Classified Ads:  Announcements and Events.  Included an announcement for the South Bay 2009 Garden Railroad Tour.

Update on 2/17/09

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 11/28/08

Added a new visitor comment to the Feedback Page.

Update on 11/26/08

Added back in my Fallbrook Memories page and photo montage of the Santa Fe's Escondido branch which somehow got overlooked in my recent site facelift.

Update on 11/20/08

My Sea Snark has been sold!

Update on 11/16/08

Added a new link to a railroad art website in the Other Resources page.

Updates on 11/12/08

Well, I've given this site another facelift (or, rather, completed the facelift I started several months ago).  These things take time . . . and it's become a rather large web site.  Work keeps me pretty busy and, despite the current economy, things don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  Which is a good thing! 

Hope you like the new look; I am also starting to phase in a new BananAlbum Flash photo album for each photo page . . . started last night with the new Abandoned (or just plain old) Railroad Scenes page and worked alphabetically down through the site, and on through the night.  I have most of the photo pages switched over.  Let me know how you like it!  I've pared down a lot of the text-filled pages in favor of more of a slide show motif.  Streamlines the site quite a bit.

Additionally, I have removed my art for sale pages. Haven't sold a calendar in a few years so those are gone now, too.

Updates on 10/14/08

A shameless plug for one of my friends' custom art website has been added to the For Sale page as well as the Other Resources page:  Need some great early Christmas gift ideas for railfans, foamers, train watchers, railroad enthusiasts, collectors of railroady things? Visit CustomMetalArt.com's railroad catalog page for the finest plasma-cut metal railroad silhouettes available!  "Perfect for adding a quaint nostalgic atmosphere to your home, business, garden or yard, and for unique gifts to give to your friends."

Update on 10/10/08

Added a new comment to the Visitors' Comments page.  It's good to hear from people!

Update on 9/25/08

Well I certainly haven't had time to update anything here in awhile.  Busy with work, yada yada yada.  But tonight I have added a new addition to the Visitors' Comments page.

Update on 7/1/08

My personal apologies to those of you who have recently tried to purchase photographs using the Paypal Buy Now buttons on some of the photo pages.  I am removing the buttons -- and declining any payments that come through -- because a box of my original photos and negatives has gone missing. 

If you are interested in purchasing photos, please shoot me an email with the photo numbers (below most of the photos on the site) or tell me what page/photo you want and what size and I'll look through the boxes I DO have and if I have them, then I'll be happy to sell you copies!


Update on 6/8/08

In the process of changing to a new hosting server.  Some pages may not be available until the changeover is complete. Since I have paying clients to transfer over as well, this site will have to take a backseat to theirs so I don't know when I'll get it all put up!

Updates on 5/24/08

Added pics of the Modoc Northern Railroad's Lakeview branch and their "new" Lakeview Switcher - former BNSF SW1000 No. 3647 - arriving on the property at Texum.

Updates on 5/19/08

Added a new section: Railroad Films.  Interesting Public Domain motion pictures from the 1800s to modern era, from the Internet Archives and Prelinger Archives.

Updates on 5/9/08

Added a new Visitor Comment to the Feedback page

Updates on 4/8/08

Added a new night photo of BNSF 2706 in Klamath Falls, OR

Updates on 4/7/08

Added a new Visitor Comment to the Feedback page

Updates on 2/14/08

  • Uploaded revised Union Pacific album, haven't yet finished all the thumbnails but you can follow the large images... several new ones added and a number of close-duplicates removed. The UP pages are a work in progress.

Updates on 2/12/08

  • Added 2 new photos to the Amtrak album
  • Uploaded revised ATSF photo album and added 11 photos, including 9 taken of an Escondido Local back in the 80's!
  • Uploaded revised ATSF Depots album and added Wickenburg, Arizona
  • Added 7 new photos to the BNSF album
  • Uploaded revised CORP album and added 2 new photos
  • Added 7 new photos to the Miscellaneous album
  • Added 35 new photos to the Modoc Northern album, taken 6/13/07 - 1/14/08
  • Added a link to my Over the Horizon Backscatter radar facility photos to Other Resources page

Updates on 1/26/08

  • Reformatted the appearance of the Updates page
  • Oregon Transportation Museum's website added to Other Resources page
  • Added some new products to the Items For Sale page
  • Added a new Visitor Comment to the Feedback page

Updates on 11/8/07

Added a few new Visitor Comments to the Feedback page

Updates on 11/6/07

AbandonedRails.com added to Other Resources Page

Updates on 11/5/07

Google Search Function added to Craig's Rail Pages

Located below the main subject index on my Home page, you will now find a custom Google search box.  This will allow you to search my entire website for whatever you hope to find here! 

In the right hand column of the search results page you will also find Ads by Google that will show other web sites that may match your search terms.

Updates on 10/30/07

Link to news article about BNSF's Citizens for Rail Security added to the Feedback page

Updates on 10 /10/07

New websites added to my "Other Resources" page.  I've also fleshed out the links with more descriptive text to give you a preview of what each site has to offer.

Updates on 10/4/07

This just in, a report of a motorcar stolen out of Wallula Yard, south of Pasco, WA.  Story and photo here.

Updates on 10/20/7

A Bunch of New Photos Posted. Although I took them way back on 3/3/07, they are finally up for your viewing pleasure.  Follow along as I ride with the crew on a Modoc Northern train from Tule Lake, California, to Klamath Falls, Oregon and return. 

Updates on 10/10/7

New Format!  Well, I guess this one is pretty obvious.

I am working to make the main pages more pleasing to the eye (mine at least, anyway) and load faster.

Doing so is giving a completely new look and feel to the website. I'll be paring down some of the nearly duplicate photos in some sections, and some new pages will be added as well.

  • Like the "What's New?" page, for example!
  • And the Abandoned Railroad Subjects photo pages!
  • As well as the Railroaders At Work pages.
  • Consolidated all the visitors' comments into one "Feedback" page.
  • Separated the Classified Ads page into separate "Classifications" of ads.
  • Redesigned the home page, and...
  • I'll gradually be sprucing up the rest of the pages as well.

Have a lot of new photos to add, but, as it should be, my paying clients' websites have to take precedence to my getting the photos up onto this site!  So please be patient during this change over process... enjoy what you see and come back soon and re-visit from time to time to check out the latest changes and updates!

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